Our brand’s ethos is deeply rooted in Hawaiian history and unbound by passing trends. It’s a sentiment that transcends age and beverage preferences, and we proudly infuse this essence into the fabric of every location. Join us as we keep our tradition alive in each cup of Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii.

A Hawaiian woman sitting on a volcanic beach with a box of flowers

WE ARE Stubborn

[stuhb-ern] adjective
Fixed or set on purpose; resolute

From the steep slopes of Kona, Hawaii, the donkeys’ calls echoed as they shouldered the weight of precious coffee beans down the mountains. The locals hailed them as the Bad Ass Ones, acknowledging their unswerving strength and determined demeanor. At Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii, we embrace the positivity in being stubborn. With firm resolve, we are unwavering in our mission to deliver premium coffee, all while embodying the spirit of Aloha.

Girl with a donkey and a cup of Bad Ass Coffee


Born on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1989, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii set out with a mission – to bring American-grown, premium Hawaiian coffee from Kauai, Maui, and Kona to coffee enthusiasts everywhere. After establishing our roots on the Islands, we ventured to the mainland, opening the first Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii location in Utah in 1995. Once we witnessed success, we embarked on a franchising journey, determined to give everyone a taste of Bad Ass Coffee.  

Today, our coffeehouses span the U.S., from sunny California to the sandy shores of Florida, 
with more locations opening every year.


In 2019, the acquisition of the Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii brand by Royal Aloha Coffee, LLC laid the foundation for a transformative journey. The year 2020 marked the rebirth of the Bad Ass Coffee experience, complete with a fresh logo, revamped packaging, and a store design crafted to propel our franchisees toward growth.  

Amidst our evolution, we remain grounded in our roots, paying homage daily to the 
hard-working and resilient Bad Ass Ones. Our commitment is unwavering – we’re steadfast in ensuring the utmost quality of our beans and dedicated to consistently delivering the perfect cup to our valued customers.

Closeup of man in shorts holding a Bad Ass Coffee cup on the beach


Ready to become part of the hottest coffee movement in the nation? Join our ‘ohana by completing the form below. Your journey to achieving badass status is just a few clicks away