Why Millennials Make Great Coffee Shop Franchise Owners

Jan 27, 2021 | Uncategorized

Why Millennials Make Great Coffee Shop Franchise Owners

Millennials dominate the workforce as the most entrepreneurial generation to date

Gen Y or Millennials are popular for their confidence, ambition, and achievement-orientation. They also embody high expectations of the job market, tend to seek new challenges at work, and aren’t afraid to be independent, according to research detailing Characteristics of Millennial Professionals. These qualities and characteristics are precisely why this self-sufficient generation makes the perfect candidate for franchise ownership with a brand like Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii coffee shop franchise. 

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii coffee shop franchise woman walks through greenhouse holding a Bad Ass Coffee cup

Additionally, millennials are already a part of the coffee shop culture. In this current work-from-home society, coffee shops are housing creative and promising entrepreneurs. For them, the most productive work happens there, accompanied by fewer distractions and better networking. Not only does Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii appeal to them as a comfortable space for business opportunities, but they exhibit a passion for expanding this niche market and community.

Our franchise model is the ideal opportunity for young entrepreneurs with little or no prior business experience as our industry experts and executive team train and develop each franchisee on our established and proven best-business practices.

“We’ve got stores that are doing record-breaking business today because of our loyal customers,” says Scott Snyder, CEO of Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii. “We’re so proud of our stores and our franchise owners for how hard they’ve worked, how creative they got, and their commitment. They’re winning over new customers, and we’re really excited about the future. Our success shows the strength of our business model, and it shows what’s possible when we’re united in our efforts.”

Be your own Bad Ass boss by investing in our beloved coffee shop franchise

72.1 million millennials populate the U.S. today and currently comprise three-quarters of the global workforce – over a third of the workforce in America.

Our franchising opportunity is ideal for this dominating generation of millennials because we know they crave work-life balance. Becoming a Bad Ass business owner designates the freedom to set your own boundaries and schedule. Independent millennials have the chance to be their own boss while still having a team to guide them along the path to continual success. 

In 1989, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii was born on the Big Island of Hawaii with the goal of sharing American-grown, premium Hawaiian coffee. Since that day, our commitment to supporting our family of franchise owners greatly differentiates Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii from its competitors. Under the leadership of Royal Aloha Coffee Company, we recently launched a rebranded Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii experience. The evolution of our brand supports a mission and investment for future growth and success, while also innovating the appeal to our target audience.

Our franchisees share the ‘ohana culture for the lucrative business opportunity it provides. But we are also thrilled to extend our brand mission and passion to spirited entrepreneurs. We aim to help you organize your enterprise to meet the comforts of your vision and maximize your profits.

“We’re focusing on actively coaching our franchise owners,” Snyder says. “We’re communicating with them on a daily and weekly basis. One of the advantages of being a small franchise system is that our franchisees know that they can call any one of us at any time – and if we don’t have an answer for them, we’re going to work until we do.” 

Are You Ready to Become a Bad Ass?

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii will train and support you throughout the entire process, supplying all the tools and expertise you may need to enhance your operation and increase profit potential. For more information about the Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii franchise opportunity, simply fill out an inquiry form on this website.

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